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  • How long is shipping / How do you ship ?
    ⁃ shipping is normally3-5 business days for Our BOUJIE collection bundles and wigs on Pre Order ( on hand 2-3 business days ) Boujie Collection Is Normally Always On Hand & In Stock . ⁃ Indian hair 5-7 business days PRE ORDER ⁃ 613 5-7 business days PRE ORDER ⁃ Normally ship USPS on hand ⁃ To place a same day delivery/ pick up business hours are 9am- 9pm Monday - Sunday ( WHEN BUNDLES ARE ON HAND ONLY ) TEXT ONLY TO PLACE AND ORDER - Example Hello My Name Is Bricks I would like to place a pick up order for 4 bundles of deep wave 30” and a 5x5 HD closure to match is that in stock on hand ? - The owner - hello how are you ! Yes we do have that I’m stock , where are you located & what time did you need your order ? Bricks - I would like it 3 pm I’m at 100 Boujie Lane Philadelphia PA 19143 The Owner - okay we’ll see you @ 1pm there is a 1/2 deposit required to be made via Apple Pay , cash app, Venmo , PayPal or Zelle before delivery ( unless you already talked to Boujie Bricks ( THE OWNER ) & have strictly CASH ONLY !
  • What Color Does The Boujie Bundles Come In?
    Bricks Boujie Bundles Normally Comes in 1b for our virgin hair ALL Collections BOUJIE , LUXURIOUS GOLD & BOUJIE Bronze Collections.. Although for Custom Coloring Is Available just contact Bricks For More Information , Shipping & Pricing !
  • How To Keep The Curly or Wavy Pattern?
    ⁃ Follow our hair care tips , on tag of each bundle ..
  • How many bundles for a full sew in ?
    we recommend 2-3 depending on the length, the longer the length the more bundles you need .. the longer the less hair the shorter the more hair .. Example Boujie Body or DeeplyBoujie ⁃ 28”28”30 ⁃ Or 28”28”30”30 20”22”24 10”12” 14”16”
  • Do I Still need 2-3 bundle with w/ a frontal or a closure ?
    ⁃ yes , They both are only meant to to cover the top of the head for leave out .
  • Am I Able To Return ?
    ⁃ no return, no exchanges policy !! All purchases ARE FINAL !
  • What lengths do Boujie Bundles By Bricks. LLC  have ?
    Our Boujie Collection Come 12”-40” ( the longer the more expensive) & the more bundles you’ll need for a FULL look Our Boujie Wigs 12”-40” Our Raw Boujie 12-“32” Our Boujie Blonde 12”32 Longer Lengths Are Normally Pre Order ”
  • Do the hair tangle ??
    No tangling unless the hair is dry & need to shampoo & conditioning & our hair care policy wasn’t followed !
  • Can hair be dyed Or bleached ??
    yes hair can be dye , bleach even both at the same time , just be sure to not over process meaning leaving in longer than it should be ! It’s recommended you go to an professional to keep the good quality of the hair !
  • Can I blow dry then hair ?? Will blowing drying mess go my texture?
    yes you can blow dry but be sure to use heat protection when doing so , air dry is preferred for the longevity of the hair !
  • What’s causes shedding ??
    ⁃ that saying no shedding isn’t true anything with hair eventually sheds it’s just a way to minimize it & have little to none ! ⁃ Heat damage ⁃ Over processing , colors , dyes , bleach ⁃ Lack of moisturizer ⁃ Not washing weekly or bi weekly ⁃ No using heat protection when adding thermal use
  • Dos & Don’t
    ⁃ Don’t - cut wefts ⁃ Don’t- Over process hair ⁃ Do - Wash weekly or bi weekly ⁃ Do- Air dry ⁃ Do - blow dry w/ use of heat protection although air dry preferred for longer lasting !


Any Other Questions , Comments , & Concerns  please email us @ ( 24 hour response ) 

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